43 W 24th St
New York, NY 10010
(212) 929-1200

Visited: Saturday, September 1, 2012
Spent: ~$90 for 2 people
Hits: The ceviches, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin
Misses: Nothing. This place is awesome!

* * * * * * * * * *

Okay, so it’s already been about a month since we went to Raymi, it isn’t even in Philadelphia, and I already wrote it a glowing Yelp review… but Rachel and I had such a great meal here that we decided we HAD to blog about it.

The two of us were planning to go see Sleep No More that night and wanted to eat dinner at a nice place beforehand. After scouring a list of restaurants in the nearby Flatiron/Meatpacking Districts, we decided on Raymi because it seemed fairly unique (at least for that area; I got bored going through pages and pages of Italian restaurants.) It’s also apparently pretty new – the manager, who stopped to chat with us towards the end of our dinner, told us it had only been open for about two months.

Raymi’s interior is very clean, modern, and spacious. We ate pretty early, around 5pm, so we had the full attention of our waitstaff! Being somewhat clueless about Peruvian cuisine and with everything on the menu looking super yummy, we asked our waiter for his recommendations. He pointed out these ceviches – the tuna nikkei ($18) and salmon chifa ($15).

Tuna Nikkei Ceviche

Salmon Chifa Ceviche

First pleasant surprise of the night: the fish in both ceviches came in unusually large chunks. The tuna came served with seaweed, daikon, and avocado. The salmon came with peanuts and wonton crisps. I personally preferred the salmon since the peanuts and wontons added a great crunchy texture to the raw fish. But Rachel and I loved both of them – in her words, “the tuna ceviche was so good, I was so sad when it ended.”

Hanger Steak Anticuchos

Next, we had the hanger steak anticuchos ($12). The meat was perfectly cooked, and came with two sundried potato slices and these giant kernels that resembled corn (the waiter told us what it was but I can’t recall the name for the life of me right now), topped with just enough sauce to make it zesty but not overwhelming.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Our entree (and last dish) was the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin ($26).

I have to preface this description by saying that I 1) am not a huge fan of bacon, and 2) usually don’t like ordering pork because I’m always afraid it’ll be overdone. So I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this dish… but OH. MY. GOD. This pork just blew me away. It was cooked to perfect tenderness, and I could barely taste the bacon. It came in a peanut sauce with little bits of potato and sun-dried tomato, which I was meh about, but the pork itself was the highlight of my night. I can feel myself drooling just thinking about it.

Beyond the food, the service was also incredible. Our waiter was adorable and was followed around all evening by (what we assumed was) a waiter-in-training, which we both found hilarious. Rachel wanted to order a drink but knew nothing about pisco, a type of Peruvian drink, so our waiter first gave her a little sample of the frozen tradicional pisco sour ($13) to see if it was too strong before making a final decision. Talk about treating the customer right! The pisco sour tasted like a margarita, but I only drank a sip so I can’t really say much more than that. 😛

Bottom line: Great food, great service. I’d go back for everything!


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