Brunch at Garces Trading Company

Garces Trading Company
1111 Locust St
(215) 574-1099

Visited: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Spent: ~$26 (for an entree, half a side, and coffee) including tax and tip
Hits: Funghi pizza
Misses: Potato rosti

* * * * * * * * * *

I’ve been to Garces Trading Company several times before, but I put their weekend brunch on my restaurant bucket list after reading that Travel & Leisure ranked it one of America’s best brunches. My friend also happened to be visiting that weekend and had never been at all (despite having spent four years in Philly, the horror), so it was a great excuse to go out for brunch!

Their brunch menu isn’t very long – only a couple of brunch-specific items that aren’t on their normal lunch menu – but they also do a $28 special where you get one entree, one side, and one cocktail for free. I decided to pass on the special and just get an entree and split a side with my friend.

I ordered the steak and eggs ($14). The steak came perfectly cooked and set on top of some bearnaise sauce, with an egg and lots of potatoes. It got a little messy when all the oil from the potatoes mixed with the bearnaise sauce (plus my egg yolk once I accidentally poked it open), but other than that, I really enjoyed it. I just wish there’d been more than just 6 little pieces of steak.

Steak and Eggs

My friend and I split a side of potato rosti ($5). It was my first time trying potato rosti but it turns out it was just a hash brown topped with sour cream that I wasn’t particularly impressed with. Meh. I kind of wish I had ordered the duck fat fries instead… they looked good.

Potato Rosti

Two of my friends ordered the funghi pizza ($16), which is probably my favorite dish at Garces and the one thing I always return for. Mushrooms and truffles baked on a crispy flatbread… mmmm.

Funghi Pizza

One thing I love about Garces is that it also has a marketplace for meats, cheeses, desserts, and condiments. The counter is lined with at least 10 different kinds of olive oil and vinegar that you can sample. They’re fun to try out while you’re waiting for your table (or in our case, while you’re waiting for your waiter to bring you the check). We tried the apricot vinegar, which was very apricot-y and a little too pungent, and the balsamic vinegar, which I liked a lot because it tasted sweeter than normal balsamic.

One of the many things for sale


Bottom line: Every meal I’ve had here has been good, and brunch did not disappoint. Go try their funghi pizza, if you haven’t already!


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