Lacroix at the Rittenhouse

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse
210 W Rittenhouse Square
(215) 790-2533

Visited: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Spent: ~$102 including tax and tip
Pros: Top-notch food and service (basically everything!)
Cons: A massive hole in your wallet afterwards

* * * * * * * * * *

It’s been a lonnggg time since either of us have written here, but now that classes and finals are done, here we are! (Or rather, here I am, since Rachel is currently adventuring in Peru.) As a much needed end-of-the-semester celebration, we decided to have a fancy night out at Lacroix. We don’t go off campus as a group for dinner as often as we used to, and since Fred (one of our beloved Tall Friends) is graduating this semester, we dug our suits and dresses out of the closet and indulged ourselves at one of the classiest restaurants in Philadelphia.

Since there were seven of us, we were seated in our own semi-private dining room! Unfortunately I stupidly didn’t think to take pictures of the room itself, but you can see the beautiful winter-themed decor and place settings.


We ordered from the four course dinner menu ($75), where you pick one dish from each of three categories and then from the dessert menu at the end. Our waiter told us that you can actually order three things from the same category, so you could theoretically get three meats (though whether or not that’s a good idea is debatable.)

Before our dishes were brought out, we were served these amuse-bouches. From top to bottom: pumpkin mousse with praline, crab and butternut squash wrapped in Swiss chard, and kabocha croquettes. The slab on the right had two types of butter: normal and goat (to go with our bread basket that is not pictured here). The goat butter was something new to us – we actually spent a while debating whether or not it was actually cheese or butter, and were leaning towards the impression that it was a very mild cheese, until our waiter clarified for us that it was, in fact, goat butter.


Amuse-bouches and butter plate

For my first course, I ordered the Barnegat Light scallops (apple, matsutake, and pine), which came served raw. I loved the scallops themselves, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the other ingredients in the dish.


Barnegat Light scallops

My second course was the sweet potato gnocchi (guanciale, broccoli rabe, truffle pecorino). This was was definitely my favorite dish of the night! The sweeter, buttery gnocchi was complemented well by the saltier guanciale (bacon bits) and broccoli rabe. And while I was at first dismayed by the small amount of gnocchi, the carbs hit me soon after and I felt the food coma setting in… too bad I was only halfway through dinner.


Sweet potato gnocchi

For the third course, about half of us ordered the veal cheek (huckleberry, turnip, Brussels sprout), as recommended by our waiter. It was served with vegetables and a red wine reduction sauce, and was incredibly tender and melt-in-your-mouth creamy.


Veal cheek

Now onto my favorite part of every meal – dessert! Each of the three girls got a different one so we could try each other’s.

I ordered the maple bread pudding (orange, yogurt fruit parfait), which came with pomegranate seeds, mandarin orange slices, frozen yogurt, and granola. The bread pudding wasn’t as mushy as bread pudding I’m used to, and tasted very much like solidified maple syrup.


Maple bread pudding

Rachel ordered the chocolate (salted caramel, pine nuts, cocoa krispies, and vanilla ice cream).



And Jane ordered the huckleberry tart (almond, apple buttermilk ice cream). It tasted like a blueberry tart – yummy!


Huckleberry tart

As if we all weren’t already on the verge of major food coma , our waiter brought some complimentary desserts at the end. We also got free biscotti – girls only, though (hehe). Fred jokingly asked if they’d give the guys complimentary glasses of wine, and our awesome waiter played along with it and said he’d try, but sadly to no avail.


Complimentary desserts

Bottom line: Obviously a *MAJOR SPLURGE* but so very worth it for the fabulous food, service, and experience.

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