Audrey Claire

Audrey Claire
276 S 20th St
(215) 731-1222

Visited: September 12, 2012
Spent: ~$49 per person, including tip & tax

* * * * * * * * * *

This is an extremely long overdue post, but in celebration of Rachel’s 22nd birthday several months ago, we decided to try Audrey Claire for dinner. It’s a fairly small-ish BYOB right by Rittenhouse Square, but since it was still warm out, they had their sidewalk dining area all set up outside (hooray for al fresco dining!)

Unfortunately we were seated inside, but we were right by the open door and windows so we could still feel the nice summer breeze (which I wish I was feeling right now instead of sitting in my icebox of a house).

Green apples as outdoor decor!

First appetizer: flatbreads. SO YUMMY. We ordered two different ones for the five of us to try – the goat cheese & fig, which wasn’t listed on the menu, and the braised short rib, portobello, melted fontina cheese, & truffle oil ($14). These were definitely my favorites of the night.

Goat cheese & fig

Braised short rib, portobello, melted fontina cheese, & truffle oil

Second appetizer: two orders of Prince Edward Island mussels ($14). I think we legit spent about an hour eating just these, since we kept asking for more bread to go with the broth.

My entree: maple brine pork chop ($22). The toppings – wild boar bacon, candied dates, and gorgonzola granny smith apple butter – added the perfect amount of sweetness. The bacon bits went really well with the flavor (and I don’t even like bacon much, so that’s saying a lot!)

Of course, since there was free corkage PLUS we were celebrating Rachel’s newfound wisdom upon turning 22, we had to get some drinks. Luckily Food & Friends, a small grocery store with an ample beer selection, was right across the street, so we picked up two bottles of fruit lambic.

Bottom line: Great restaurant to go to with a small group of friends, especially in the summer!

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