About Us


… To eat our way into the restaurant city of Philadelphia.
… To keep a record of all the amazing things we’ve experienced here.
… To make the most out of our final year at the University of Pennsylvania.


Rachel (5’1) is a Philosophy, Politics, & Economics major from the food haven Singapore. She has killed her tastebuds eating spicy food, and frequents the Thai restaurant on campus so much that she demanded a rewards card (sadly, they did not have). She also blogs about her life in An Honest Word.

Michelle (5’0″) is a Psychology and East Asian Studies major from Long Island, NY. She is so organized and well-informed that she automatically assumes all birthday/dinner/event planning activities. She is also freaking Yelp Elite, so everything she says has credence, duh.


We’re thankful that our diminutive stature has not deterred us from having extremely tall friends, who have in turn been semi-supportive about this venture. In general they are also our food buddies.

Tall Friend #1 Saahil (6’2″) thought of this awesome blog name. Short people can defeat him by tickling him because he is too tall.

Tall Friend #2 Fred (6’0″) is often mean to Rachel but nice to Michelle. Both girls are still waiting to try a taste of his so-called cooking.

Tall Friend #3 Jane (5’7″) is a beautiful baker but she is banned from writing in this blog because she has suggested numerous inappropriate titles, including CeaselessDildos.com.

Though you can’t see their faces, all three Tall Friends posed in our main picture and we love them very much ❤

Special thanks to Stanley for his awesome photography!

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