Bucket List

Places to try before we graduate!

Center City:

  • Amis
  • Buddakan, just for their chocolate bento
  • Dandelion
  • Dmitri’s
  • Ela
  • Federal Donuts
  • Fountain
  • Jamonera
  • Modo Mio
  • Mercato
  • Mixto
  • Pumpkin
  • Sbraga
  • Tria
  • Vetri
  • Vic’s
  • Village Whiskey

South Philly:

  • Bistrot La Minette
  • Le Virtu

West of Campus:

  • Desi Chaat House
  • Vientiane Cafe

Places Farther Away (Northern Liberties, etc):

  • Koo Zee Doo

Brunch (Michelle’s favorite meal so it therefore merits a list of its own):

Happy Hour Deals to Hit Up

  • Amada
  • Chifa
  • Sampan

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